Snakebite vs Day 29

Hiker town 517.6 to Tylerhorse canyon 541.5 23.9 miles

We are up in the dark and get all our gear sorted with our headlamps on. My pack is so amazingly light I feel like I can fly 🙂
Once all the heavy stuff is deposited with the van, Ceili Chloe Rodrigo and I set off towards the aquaduct with Yorkie and Alex about 10min ahead.
The light is gorgeous this morning as we walk past the open part – it’s a giant channel of water, that is covered over with concrete quickly and we are walking on it and beside it.
It’s just a long straight road of gravel and concrete. We pass the time telling life stories, discussing ultimate dinner party guests, and generally asking 1000 questions of each other. It’s not often you can walk side by side and easily chat on the trail,  so it’s awesome to have 4 of us in a row. We leave messages in the dirt for the others, have speed walking races…and then it gets HOT. The only shade is from Joshua trees which are not the most hospitable trees around.
We take a couple of short breaks where Kyle and Tara catch up, but there is no real respite from the heat so we just keep going. More jokes, stories, cartwheels, random fun things.
The creek we are headed for is inside a wind farm and the giant fans crowd the horizon.
We finally arrive. There’s no creek but a bridge to hide under from the sun, and barrels of water for us.
Our stuff isn’t there. Eeps. We finally find a signal and find out Jae is in the car with it all having a break this morning. The gear was all put into a horse truck that is supporting some PCT horse riders. They are lost. They are in the wind farm somewhere but it takes them a looong time to find the bridge.
It’s still so hot. With our gear back, some food in our bellies, and the wind providing loud white noise, one by one we fall asleep under the bridge.
Best trail nap ever.
I wake about an hour later to find us all sprawled out on the group in different stages of sleep or waking.
We pack up and out slowly. The wind is insane. I keep getting pushed over and can’t step forward. The destination for tonight isn’t too far away but it is hard hard work! I have to adjust my pack because the ends of the straps keep slapping me in the face. Sometime along the way clouds start accumulating and looking pretty mean.
So now we have insane wind and menacing clouds. We go as far as we can to Tylerhorse canyon to fill up on water. Now the rain is spluttering in so our grand plans of 100 mile (well…that was probably a bit ambitious) day with our easy slackpack start are ruined.

We set up camp in the insane wind. My tent does no want to cooperate, then Jae with his giant giant tent offers space for us with dodgy non-wind loving tents (my tent is actually fine in high wind with 2 extra guylines…which I don’t have). So Tara, Jae and I pile into his party tent for a squishy but non-fwapping of tent fly night.

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