My gear is a constant work in progress, as I gt rid of gear that I no longer need, that no longer works, or I add things that were missing.

Check out the following links to see what I started with, and what I ended with on the PCT in 2015, as well as what I’ll be starting with on the CDT in 2016.  Feel free to ask questions about any of my choices / changes!


PCT 2015 Start of Hike

PCT 2015 End of Hike

CDT 2016 Start of Hike



2 thoughts on “Gear

  1. Renee Reply

    Hey Girl
    looking good on the trail. I have been enjoying your pics, makes me get itchy feet and want to pack up and go myself! I have been looking at your gear list and want to try out the things you have listed. The pack, tent and the quilt but shipping is expensive. I remember you mentioning when you were here about setting up an address in the US that you can gear sent to and then it gets forwarded to you in Oz. How do you go about setting this up? Cheers from West Oz

    1. whimsy Reply

      Hey! I have an account with You can either get a yearly mailbox or pay per package and can consolidate packages so shipping is cheaper 🙂
      Some other options that I’ve seen out here (that I like) are 6Moons tents, and the gossamer gear mariposa for pack. Happy shopping!

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