Care Packages

My next adventure is a thru-hike of the Continental Divide Trail! I’ll be starting at the beginning of May in 2016.

I’m raising funds for the amazing work of Sea Shepherd and Animals Australia! If you have a few dollars to spare, click over here to my fundraising page – every little bit is massively appreciated 🙂

So THAT is where your spare dollars should go – over there – the fundraising page!




Hey… you’re still here? Still keen on the idea of a care package?  If you’re still reading this page, if you are enjoying reading along and would still like to send some trail love to me specifically the easiest way is via a few dollars through paypal. Nice and easy and no worrying about addresses and when I’ll be arriving. More than likely it will be spent on food (hooray I love food!), new socks (no blisters!) or accommodation when I come into a town – this means a shower (!) and laundry (!) so you would be helping out the community at large by keeping my stink to a minimum 🙂

Thank You Thank You Thank You!!!

However if you would like to send me some love in the form of a letter, postcard or edible vegan goodies I’ll have some details up once I’m closer to my start date. Feel free to send me an email here if you have any questions!
I would LOVE to hear from you xx

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