CDT Days 55 to 59 – The Plan

Grizzly and I will be heading off in the morning to start the Colorado Trail / Continental Divide Trail just outside of Denver, heading south. The CT and CDT intersect roughly from just near Breckinridge until around Silverton in the south of Colorado. The CT then finishes in Durango while the CDT continues SE via Wolf Creek Pass and into New Mexico near Chama (and on to the border).

Right now we are hoping to complete the whole CT, then get a ride to Cuba in New Mexico where I finished when NoBo on the CDT, completing the remaining parts of the CDT in Colorado (getting hitches and rides from amazing people where necessary to connect the trail), then NoBo to Wyoming!

Confused? Yeah, me too.

Here are 2 maps showing the CDT and the CT. Hopefully this helps give you a better picture 😀

Full CDT trail in Colorado highlighted on left, CT map on right

For more information on the Colorado Trail, check out this webpage.

Colorado Trail
Colorado Trail

I’ve updated some of my gear for the Colorado Trail, which you can take a look here on the lighterpack page. 

Any questions or comments I’d love to hear from you! If you are in Colorado during the next month please be sure to drop me a line!

One more night in a soft bed, then hikety hike hike hike in the morning 🙂


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