CDT Day 43 & 44 – Outnatured by nature

Zero miles. Lazy hikers.
We wake and pack up most of our things and shove it into the bear box so that we can wander down the road to the ranger station. It turns out there really isn’t any alternate for us except for a 30 mile road walk. None of us are interested in road walking so we are at a stalemate. Crunchmaster has maintained continuous steps for the AT and PCT and isn’t going to stop now for the CDT. I don’t want to miss one of the most beautiful parts of the entire trail. But there’s nothing we can do right now except wait the 7-10 days for the trail to be reopened. They leave the carcass on the trail so that the animals can eat and remove all trace of it.
We eat a very very grumpy breakfast down the road and the only thing we can do is head to East Glacier with a vague plan to somehow get back up to Glacier to finish this section. Yesterday Crunchmaster found a microspike on Piegan pass and the owner is a CDT hiker. She’s coming to collect it and give us a ride to East Glacier as she and her hiking partner they have rented a car for the day to run some errands. Yay the trail provides!
So…back in East Glacier. We eat and shower and laze about. I head down the road to do laundry and bump into Llama and Dupont I met on the PCT last year!
I meet some other CDT ers including another vegan hiker, Patience, from Israel. Woot team vegan ☺
Grizzly has hurt his knee so is keen for another day off, and we have to wait for the post office to open on Monday to collect our food boxes and post off our ice axes so it’s a double zero. Not what I was planning so soon after having had so much time off in Denver, but we’ve been out natured by nature.
Sunday is spent …doing I don’t know what. We watch TV, chat online, eat, eat some more, have showers… Big fat sloth of a day! Thru hiking is hard! ☺

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