CDT Day 20

25.2 miles hiked, somewhere near 117
Oooooh it’s chilly. I’m buried under a quilt and another blanket I grabbed during the night as it was really cold. The bed is warm but the air really cold inside the rv. I delay as long as I can and finally get up and quickly put on all my layers.
The Thomas’ like to sleep in so I said my goodbyes and giant thank yous last night, so as soon as I’m packed up and filled another litre of water I’m on the road at 7.
Today is a lots of podcasts day. A long dirt road walk with not many distractions. After about 10 miles it turns and heads into a small canyon area, which makes a nice difference from having all the local ranchers in their pickup trucks zooming past and spraying clouds of dust on me. The awesome Slip who got off trail yesterday cached some water for me here at the turnoff on his way to Grants yesterday and it is very exciting when I find it! No mucky cow water for me today! Cheers Slip!!!
The canyon is pretty, with some ruins and old cabins, some climbs up and around rocks. Yay trail not road!
I’m really hungry today! Maybe a result of the cold night and cold wind blowing today. As soon as temperature drops on trail I want to eat the world. I manage to gorge on protein powder, probar, fig bar, some dark chocolate, a trail side lunch of almond yum butter and crackers, plus muchos handfuls of trail mix and I could easily eat more! My last little break on the side of the road I soak my ramen in my little talenti container so it’ll be ready when I get to camp.
The detour from the main road is ending in about a mile and I can’t see any trees or anything that will hide me from the highway. I’m not keen on hiking the hwy and finding no suitable campsites so I get my last water from a windmill and call it a night early about a mile from the road. I’ve been following what I think are bobcat tracks all afternoon, so maybe they’ll want to keep me warm and company in my little tarp?  Goodnight kitty cats!

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