Beck vs Town (Day 16 & Day 17)

I wake and decide to hit the Grizzly Bear Cafe as its a reknowned hiker breakfast spot. I settle for toast and hash browns with coffee and do not feel good afterwards! I don’t know if its dodgy grease or coffee not sitting well.
Big Bear Lake is not hiker friendly- everything is waaay spread out so my zero turns into a nearo and I walk about 6 miles around town.


I sort out my resupply which entails me wandering up and down and up and down aisles waiting for inspiration to hit. Sensee and Jonathon are getting food too so i manage to hitch a ride back to the hotel with their trail angel. Then it’s massage time! My shoulders are soooooore so I get some work done on them before buying some Thai for dinner and wasting ALL the hours. No idea what I do with them and suddenly it’s tomorrow and I have to hike out.

I find a smoothie for brekkie (woohoo!!) then head out to the road to hitch. I end up joining forces with Lobo who I find out on the road. The ride takes years as the couple who picks us up just has to make a “quick stop” which turns into a 1 hour drive for what should have been 15 minutes.

The trail up is steep and hot as it’s 11ish by this stage. I packed out a delicious sandwich and stop when I see a lovely view of the lake below. Plus I just want an excuse to reduce the weight of my pack that is full with my new food supply.



I’m sleepy and heavy after town but lunch perks me up and I hike on until mile 109.2 at 645pm, only stopping to fill my water. It is a stunning sunset that greets me back on trail. I’m excited I haven’t forgotten how to hike- my legs have settled back in after my brief rest and are ready for more ☺

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