Beck vs Eagle Rock (Day 7)

Day 7 17.7km – Third gate cache to Just Before Warner Springs @ PCT mile 109

I’m up and about around 7 this morning. I spend too much time putting all my little things in all their little places, I fill my water bladder from the cache and have a few bites from a cliff bar and I’m ready to go.

My feet were quite achy yesterday and I have developed weird bruises underneath my big toes so I try out some little foot sleeve things I’ve been carrying to see if they help.

Today is more mountain top windy windy walking. The vegetation is sparse and air clear so it feels like desert. Once again we have been lucky with the weather. I have to knock on wood or cross my fingers or pat a unicorn everytime I say or think how lucky we’ve been weather-wise, because I don’t want to jinx it!

It’s a 5mile uphill this morning followed by the rest of the day downhill. The aim for today is Warner Springs to collect resupply boxes and shower at the community centre. Before I get there, however, is a big milestone.

The 100 mile mark!!! There was whooping and dancing and obligatory facebook posting  😉 O



The trail dips and opens up to  a view of a giant  dead-grass meadow open to the full sun (Warner spring meadow) we need to cross. Once that is finished there is another little hill to cross which shows us a bigger meadow! Still not convinced it has impressed us, at the top of another hill the trail gives us a big giant never ending meadow!
We are suitably impressed with your scary giant desert meadows, trail. Except I think there needs to be a new name for a meadow that is hot and sunny and all dead- meadow sounds way too pretty. I’ll go with desert. 

Another occasion fo rejoicing because today is Eagle Rock day!!! A rock formation thst looks just like an eagle. Naturally the song Eagle Rock has been in my head all day and I belt out a rendition at the rock. I’m sad I don’t have an eagles scarf to leave the eagle. (Pictures to come when I upload my proper camera photos).

We enter a pretty woodland area- clearly there is water around here as all of a sudden there are green things around us. It’s after 5pm at this point so the post office is closed, so we call it a day on the banks of the creek .5 mile from Warner Springs. Tomorrow is resupply and shower and off to Canada!

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