Beck vs Day 9

19.2 miles – Foggy place to Nance Canyon @ PCT mile 140.

The fog is still floating around when I get up early to try and cover some extra ground.
I’m feeling good and with the help of my trusty Rich Roll podcast I’m moving pretty fast and through the windy windy hills nicely.


There is a trail angel’s house with a water tank out front that I head for – both for a water refill and to see who (other hikers) might be about. There is a sign out front apologising for missing us and to come in for a rest.
The place is pretty creepy. There are lots of of piles of random rubbish about, and seemingly no people.
I spy a tent set up and Joyce (his trail name – he is an English Lit major from Korea ) comes bounding out excited to see other people. I’ve been Leapfrogging with Joyce on a daily basis since day 2.  I set up my stove and make a cup of hot chocolate as it is very windy and chilly out. Just as I’m packing up Derek arrives so we head out and march on into the wind and the cold.

The sun arrives and we are leapfrogging with about 5 other hikers. I see my first snake on the trail. Not sure what kind -it was just chillin lying across the trail and took its sweet time getting out the way!


It’s toasty now so I dig out my umbrella for a little shade when I stop for lunch. I try to elevate my feet as much as possible during breaks – every little bit of care helps 🙂


The last couple of miles of the day aren’t very fun and we find a campsite at the bottom of nance canyon. It is very sandy and very windy so I grab the biggest rocks I can find to hold down my stakes. I got the miles wrong so I’m sad I didn’t break the 20 mile barrier- but there is plenty of time for that!
It’s a thwack thwack thwack of the tent  kind of night.

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