Beck vs Day 4

19 miles: Mount Laguna to Sunrise Trailhead Junction (59.8)

I leave Mount Laguna after resettimg the restaurant and have amazing beautiful weather. No evidence of the past two days of crazy and the sun is shining!
The trail winds through some pretty forest before heading out to the ridge. After an hour or so a great view of the desert below opens up. It is crazy windy but not too windy for a quick rendition of The Sound Of Music and some photos!



I’m hiking today with Derek and David who were at day 1 with me and we follow each other in and out of the winding trail up and down the mountain.
We break for lunch at a small picnic area with tables and are joined by Dave and Privvy Winks (trail name from the AT). I’m excited I’m finally remembering names 🙂


There is a motorcyclist memorial we pass by and the terrain dries up somewhat as we continue weaving in and out around the mountain for hours. It’s fairly flat ground today, and we have out first encounters with poodle dog bush- a plant that sounds cute and looks pretty but will give you a terrible rash. There are giant sections up ahead on the trail thick with Poodle dog as it grows quickly after fire. No rash incidents, and I am disappointed that it was not named poodle dog because it barks at you when you walk past.

Camp tonight is at sunrise trail head, which has a big water trough for us to filter from, and a random bog wrecking ball looking thing… no idea what it is!
By sunset we have 7 tents dotted around the area and fall asleep playing the movie object game from inside our tents.

Game of the day- Movie Objects. You have to pick an object from a movie that is somehow integral to the plot, and the rest of the people have to guess what the movie is by asking questions.  If you have good suggestions let me know!

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