Beck vs Day 19

23.4 miles – 312 to 335.4

As expected the night was not a particularly restful one!  I head out early, keen to get off the stupid ridge and away from the mean rattlesnake.  Thankfully he has finally moved on and I can get through.

I cross a stream and take my shoes and socks of to wade through, passing some sleeping cowboy campers on the banks. I cross a road and on the other side is some beautiful water for hikers! And a rubbish bin!  Exciting times on the trail! YAY!

I start heading up the hill and after a couple of hours find a dirt road to sit myself on and make some brekkie.  I create a fabulous dish of museli with dehydrated PB and freeze dried strawberries. It’s a party in my mouth – so much om nom nom!   I march on, again enjoying the morning and my fresh legs and keen to do as much as possible before 12.

After winding through the hills for a while the trail heads down into a particularly ugly area next to a road. Thankfully it doesn’t last long, and just as I’m thinking “this would be a lovely place for some trial magic” a blue esky appears! WOOHOO!  GRAPES! WATER! CADBURY CREAM EGGS! I eat a lovely bunch of grapes and gulp down some water and am joined my Jonathon who is heading all the way to Cajon Pass to hitch up to Kennedy Meadows. That’s a giant day in this heat!

Out of the shade of the cache area I head up the hill. I’m greeted by a lovely breeze and a beautiful view of a big lake!! The very first opportunity I have I head through the scrub to the lakeside and jump in.  There are a couple of families in the little bay parked up with their boats who are a little bemused by me.  I do not care – cold cold beautiful lake. I’m in love.  One family offers me some of their BBQ (one day I’ll find some Vegan trail magic! haha) which I decline but spend some time answering their questions.  We are strange smelly animals us PCT-ers 🙂

I reluctantly put my clothes on that I have rinsed out (which have dried in 5 minutes!) and head on to the campground area where there is water. Chicken Fat catches up and there is a little posse of a bunch of hikers spread out across tables. I discover too late that you can order in take-away to the campground (I’ve already eaten my lunch), but hike out of there eager to get in as many miles today so that I can hit Cajon Pass in the morning.

Down down down the trail goes.  I find a windy but pretty spot. I am beat – my biggest day yet.  Off to the land of nod.

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