Beck vs Day 14

Day 14 19.2 miles – PCT mile 229.1 to 248.3

I’m slowly getting into the groove of these early starts and am out of camp by 545am.
Mornings are my favourite time – eveything is crisp and cool, my legs and feet are well rested and I can push out miles without thinking about it.
The trail crosses mission creek a bunch of times (this means rock / log hopping or getting wet!) and I find a cool place in the shade to stop for brekkie and collect my water. Except by the time I’ve filled my water bladder it’s not in the shade anymore! Sun moves fast in these canyons.


The climbs get hard and I push up and up, putting in my earbud (always only 1! Need to hear those rattlers) when it gets tough to try and distract me.

I make it to the top to the next water source. This one is slow flowing and it takes a long time to fill all my water – 4 heavy litres as it’s another 20 miles to the next spot.
There are a couple of new hikers I haven’t met at the top. I’m very excited to find out I’m not the only vegan in the village!! (A reference lost on the locals).

I enter a time warp after eating some things, putting my feet up and rinsing my socks and suddenly it’s nearly 1h30 later. I’ve been passed by OKTuna, Lobo, and Chicken Fat & Rideordieh are getting water now. So many people after such a quiet morning; It’s going to be a slooow afternoon!

I tackle three hills and stop in to check out the “Coon Creek Cabin” because it has a toilet (yay!!) And a rubbish bin (woohoo!). You can book it out to stay there, some PCTers stealth camp there if there is no one with a booking but the place is creepy and I march on quickly!


3 more quick miles and I am done. It’s a lovely night and chef (me) creates an amazing black bean soup with sundried tomatoes for dinner! Full belly, on my back with my feet up on my pack I’m off to dreamland.


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