Snakebite vs Day 30

Tylerhorse canyon 541.5 to Tehachapi 558.5

We survived the night! The storm never came but the wind was crazy all nightm It wasn’t the best sleep in the world with three of us in there, but better than my tent would have been making crazy noise all night.
I climb out of the canyon with the view of the wind farm below. It’s all very exposed along the trail today and I can see the sun coming along, ready to start cooking us. Tehachapi is the goal today for resupply and showers. Not too far but a hustle to get there before the hottest part of the day.

There’s a big burn area to walk through, which is always depressing, but I round a corner and see trail magic!!! APPLES! Beautiful fresh apples, water, chairs to sit on. There’s a picture of what the area looked like before the fire and it was gorgeous. I sign the register, put on more suncream, hide my head under my bandana nd march on with Kyle and Tara just ahead.
It’s hot already and I plug in my podcasts to distract me as I go fast down the descent. No breaks for me! The magic power of cold drinks awaits!
I zoom down the mountain, running where I can. I sign the register at the bottom (“Embrace the suffering!”) where a local ‘trail angel’ has listed all the things they will do for you and the exorbitant prices…pretty sure that’s a ‘trail business’, no angel-ing about it.
As I enter the carpark there’s a great list of local trail angels and their phone numbers! High fives Tehachapi! I walk into the carpark and am about to head to the road to hitch when I see a cop car slow down on the rd and pull in. I’m not sure if hitching is allowed here ( there are some strange rules about hwys) so I stay put. He pulls right up to me and offers me a ride! Woohoo! My good hitching karma is still in full force 🙂
We chat for the duration of the drive, he recommends some restaurants and hotels. Such a lovley guy. I thank him profusely as he lets me out at the place I’ve sent some packages.
I have new pants from REI (I ordered some new ones as my current ones stitching is coming undone, and they are a bit big making them rub against my hips under the hip belt and huuuurt!), an external battery, new camera battery charger  (yay photos!), and insoles (new cushiony goodness!). It’s Christmas!!

I start the walk down the rd to the Best Western where Kyle, Yorkie and Alex are checking into a room, and a lady pulls ovee and offers me a ride! It’s literally only two blocks, but she insists as she doesn’t like the look of the guy behind me. So nice of her 🙂

We all pile into our room and do all the clean things. This hotel wins the prize for best shower so far. Glorious! I do laundry, which eats up a lot of the time, and half watch a terrible movie on tv.

The others eventually rock up and we hit the hot tub and pool area. I meet a couple of great Canadian kids (yep, I’m that old I’m referring to people as kids) Chong, who are 18 and 19 and we all adopt as little brothers.

After hanging around the hot tub for too long dinner is a fizzle because all the restaurants close at 8! We manage to get into a diner, but we are all so tired after being in the heat there is very little conversation.

We squeeze Jae and Cheech into our room as well, so there are 6 hikertrashes crowding in. I hope no one snores!!! Earplugs in, I escape off the bed and choose the floor instead as a more roomy option.

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