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  1. Roy Bunch

    Bumped in to your blog because Derek who you are sometimes hiking with is the son of some friends from church. (Though D and I don’t know each other.) I romp around the PCT in Oregon from time to time and enjoy following a few thru-hiker journals here and there. I’m loving how you describe what’s happening and where you are! Sounds like a great start, and I’ll enjoy cheering you on.

    1. whimsy

      Cheers Roy! Thanks for reading along 🙂

  2. Colleen

    Hi Beck! I am following your blog because I am Derek’s mom and he posted a link and mentioned you. You are writing a lot more than he is, so it is nice to hear how things are going. Hope you all are doing well. Keep safe!

    1. whimsy

      Well apparently women say around 20000 words a day vs 7000 for men, so I guess that translates to blogs as well! 🙂 Thanks for reading! 🙂

      1. Rachel B

        Same here (Derek’s aunt). Thanks for keeping us informed!

  3. Larry

    Enjoying your blog – along with Derek’s and David’s. Looking forward to your entries regarding the trail between Big Bear City and Lake Silverwood. My buddy and I live in SoCal and we are coming up to hike that section this weekend. How are your Cascadias holding up? I have a pair that I use for trail running and they are great for trail runs. I wasn’t sure if they’d survive a long backpacking trip though. Keep moving. You’re doing great!


    1. whimsy

      About to hit that part shortly 🙂 cascadias are doing well so far. They don’t last super long on a thru hike- I’m hoping to get 500 or 600 miles out of each pair. Much better choice than traditional hiking shoes for ventilation and avoiding blisters.
      Thanks for reading and Happy hiking!!

  4. Lauren

    Loving reading your blog. You are an incredible woman. Keep it up. Love and hugs from Perth xxxx

  5. Ms. Pink


    It has been over a month since I left the trail. I was just looking over my pictures, and by searching some random words related to that adventure, I cam across your blog. The last time I saw you was in Rite Aid, when I was heading out of Mammoth back to the trail. Now, I am sitting here back in civilization remembering my 500 miles and wondering if you are almost done with your 2,650. If you have contact with the rest of the group, by the time you read this, tell them that Esme (aka Ms. Pink) said hello.

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