The Final Mile on the PCT

Soooooo it appears my grand plans of blogging all of my epic walk were more like an epic comedy of errors (involving logging trucks, broken screens, crashed computers and insurance).
The quick facts:
– I finished!
– Hands down best and hardest and most amazing thing I have ever done
– I have all my blog notes and they will be making their way into the universe in the future (you’ll have to wait and see!!!)

And NOW I am sitting in a hotel room in Lordsburg having finished the first 85 miles of the Continental Divide Trail! That’s right, I am a glutton for punishment… and epic adventures 🙂
I’m raising funds for Sea Shepherd and Animals Australia, so if you are garnering a wee bit of enjoyment out of reading along I encourage you to pay that back in the form of a few dollars.  Fundraising page is in the menu.

You can see lots more of my PCT pics over on instagram , you can read a little article Elephant Journal published that I wrote, but I will leave you with what I decided to do with the final mile to the Canadian border on the PCT.

The Final Mile To US Canada Border on The PCT from Rebecca Mercia on Vimeo.

Keep reading for the adventures of Snakebite on the CDT!

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